Saturday, February 17, 2018

Field Of Glory: Napoleonic another game played.

Another try with FOGN today with Stephen fielding French 1814 against my Prussians.
Another interesting game although we spent way too much time pontificating about armies, tactics and comparisons to other rules !!
French had maximum possible artillery 3 medium batteries 1 heavy battery and 4 attached batteries which made Prussian advance a very nasty proposition indeed.
Thankfully I had a Cavalry Divn which was able to do an on table out flank otherwise it would have been an extremely frustrating day.
Artillery are tough in FoGN as the get to shoot every fire phase and can prolong (with CMT) and can pivot for free 1" to bear on a target.
With 6 dice at medium range they are hard to close with especially as they can generally get multiple shots before Infantry can close with usually being disordered or even worse wavered.
With units only being able to recover cohesion at end of their own turn and only 1 per Cmd it's tough to arrive in fighting order and makes attacking pretty tough.
I did manage to charge one battery (the veteran heavies with an officer) that miraculously failed to stand and so the crew abandoned their guns. 
But we could not find any way in rules to destroy the guns (fair enough) but also it seems you can't move through them either so they are effectively an insurmountable wall in that state ?

As ever with FOGN the most time consuming aspect is finding relevant rules for things.
Eg Line Of Communication stand is mentioned in three seperate areas of book but one says the LOC. must touch table rear edge whilst another states it must touch rear edge and a road.
Perfectly logical but less than clear.
Also we failed to find what defines being in Cover ie all of a unit, most of a unit ??
Again easy to adjudicate (we said you had to be entirely in cover to benefit) but no such definition in rules which only mention moving in cover ir firing from cover.

We are going to try a Principles Of War Napoleonic next as a direct comparison as set at same Regimentsl/Brigade scale.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Field Of Glory: Napoleonic game played and another session of Labyrinth

Bit of a catch up post.

Played a game of FOGN using my French against Stephens British in a Peninsular bash circa 1811.
Been a while since we played FOGN but found that it seemed less complex than first impression !?
Still a badly laid out set but does include everything.
We both feel that whilst more complex than Blucher or Principles of War (other sets set at similar Brigade/Regimental scale) it has a lot of options and decisions to offer players.
One big error we made was allowing units to become Broken by hits at Medium and Long range (can only occur at Short range) otherwise all flowed well and was an enjoyable game.

British & Portuguese line hills with Cavalry in reserve.

Young Guard approach on left supporting a Line Divn

French Veteran Divn on right overlapped by British (my Cav Divn off-table in reserve)

Polish Lancers support Young Guard

French push forward

Lancers clash with Dragoons (both Disordered and Spent)

Both sides taking hiits

French Cavalry arrives to support Skirmishing unit and forced British into Square

General action along the front

Also managed a couple more games of Labyrinth with my Dad.
I won both but he smit (infected) me with flu seemingly as revenge !!

Monday, January 29, 2018

Labyrinth The War on Terror boardgame tried

Managed a try out of this with Dad.
Took us awhile to get the concepts down but once we got going it flowed very well.
No idea as to best strategies for either side or best use of cards for events or operations.
Some similarities to Twilight Stuggle but otherwise an original concept and system.
Hope to get more in depth play.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Mortem Et Gloriam: Sogdian versus T'ang Chinese

Game at Stephens today and he selected MEG rules once more as he wanted to try his T'ang force circa 620AD.
I chose Sogdian (using a mix of Central Asian Turkish type figures).

This was another cracking game which went right down to the wire.
I was trying to sack Chinese Camp at end and needed just one more kill to destroy the camp and thereby break their army but rolled poorly (the story of my wargame life !) and was then contacted to rear and trounced causing my army to break first.
Excellent stuff once again.

Sogdian center and left

Sogdian Light Horse on right wing

Massed lancers in center

T'ang center foot with mounted reserve

T'ang right

Sogdian light horse holding up T'ang left

As they try to attack on own left

Sogdian left begins to crumble (but skirmish types do not count against army break)

Sogdian lancers get to grips in center and left wing

T'and camp under threat

Piecemeal fighting on left

T'ang camp under assault (to rear) but with game winning unit approaching besiegers

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Combat Commander couple of scenarios played

Busy week so rather late and rushed Blog entry regarding a 'first in a while' board wargame outing with the ever excellent Combat Commander.

My son Steven and my Dad played (I umpired) a couple of scenarios from original set and had great fun too winning one apiece.

Also on the board wargame front I made couple of purchases, the first in awhile as subject matter appeals

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Mortem Et Gloriam this time Sassanid versus Early Byzantine

Another outing for MEG rules today with Stephen fielding Early Byzantine and I the Sassanid Persians.

No time for an AAR but what a bloodfest this one was !!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Mortem Et Gloriam another game: Minoan vs Hittite

Another outing for MEG rules today (we intend to play 2 or 3 more to try to get a decent grasp of rules) this time Stephen using his Hittites and I my Minoan (Early Mycenaean).

Lots of Chariots on the table (some 50+ including Generals) with the Hittite types being more numerous.

The Hittite Chariots were quite effective being Superior and with Bows and as Drilled troops were very maneuverable being able to skirmish and stay away from my Battle Chariot types whilst peppering them with arrows.

Stephens foot were fairly weak but he was able to retire them efficiently (good cards) until forced to fight near table edge.

We ended the game both needing to destroy a further 3 units each however as my right wing and center were essentially in tatters I suspect his rampant Chariots would have carried the day. 

Another good game with lots of action.

Minoan spearmen in center

Chariots (light and battle types) on Minoan right

The impressive massed Hittite chariotry

Hittite foot lingering to rear

Spearmen advance

Clash on Minoan right

Minoan chariots advance on left

Hittite chariots let loose