Monday, April 13, 2015

Combat Commander further action in Normandy

Played another couple of Normandy pack scenarios with my Dad.
Two were set around Omaha Beach and the third saw British at Sword Beach
Usual frenetic action in all three with Allies wining two and Hitlers bunch one.

Forgot to pics of the first scenario as so engrossed 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

More Napoleonic action this time Black Powder rules front and centre

Played another Napoleonic game at Stephens with my Prussians against his French.
We decided (after much hymning and hawing) to try Black Powder with a few minor house rules (main one being Shooting Phase coming before Command Phase),
We have tried the rules (or rule kit) before for SYW but never took to them but must say after todays outing we 'get' them now and can understand their popular appeal.
Stephen obtained the scenario from web being a fictional battle set at Frischermont during Waterloo campaign.
This saw French regulars set up in defence of 3 small hamlets and more substantial Frischermont Chateau with Prussians on the attack but arriving piecemeal (7 Brigades but only 2 arrive per turn).
The French have set up with 3 (?) small Brigades on table and small unit detachments in the hamlets with a reserve of a Cavalry Brigade and a Brigade of Veteran Infantry to come on.
Tough proposition for 'Marshal Vorwarts' and his troops.
This was not helped by some particularly awesome dice rolling by Stephen !
He always seem to get a 6 to Disrupt my troops (meaning they cant move/charge) and saved a stunning amount of my hits on his units (including wiping out my best roll of 6 hits from 6 rolls by saving all 6 !!).
My Command rolls were less than stellar with two Brigades appearing then disappearing off table due to Command Blunders meaning I had to roll to get them back on later.
Several times whole Brigades refused to move forward.
Not much better in Melee where I managed to Break couple of still fairly fresh units by crap Break Test results (ie rolling 4 or under on 2D6 !!).
But despite all this 'woe unto me' this was a fun game with plenty of incident and for us a good insight into the workings of the rules.
They are very tweakable (positively encouraged) but with solid core systems and they give a fast moving and decisive game, and enjoyable enough for us to agree to use them again.
I had thought of them as Rapid Fire for horse and musket but found much more 'depth' to them this time around.
Next time I would possibly use Artillery as 2 base units but with same stats just for better look vis a vs standard unit sizes.

Pics less than stellar due to only having phone with me.

Central Prussian advance

 French defenders

The defenders (a small unit) of this hamlet proved tough nuts to crack

 Attack develops

Prussian attack columns hit French line (both died !!)

 French veteran Brigade arrives in all their splendour

Monday, April 06, 2015

Lasalle more pics

More pics from ongoing Lasalle game

Storm Over Stalingrad and Twilight Struggle played

Managed to complete two board wargames with my Dad at last visit !

First up was Storm Over Stalingrad which is a low complexity quick playing game.
I was Russians (not much in the way of attacking for them in this game) struggling to hold the city.
This turned out to be a close game with Soviets just about holding onto to enough Victory Locations to thwart the Germans.
The cards work well with the low complexity.
Great game for quick set up and play through.

After that we selected Twilight Struggle (more a conflict than war game but still great) with Dad being the good ol' US of A and I the Commies.
Another really close game with USA coming out on top by a mere 4 VPs in the end.

Early Russian dominance in Asia

PBEM Catch-up

Managed to get several turns of ongoing Vassal and Cyberboard Pbem games done (I have been very slow of late with all these)

Barbarossa To Berlin opening gamut versus David

 Hannibal Rome vs Cathage versus Vita

 Stalemate on Western Front in Paths Of Glory versus Marc

 Stalin orders futile counterattacks in The Dark Valley versus Mike

Death throes of Soviet defenders in Turning Point Stalingrad versus Stefano

Lasalle solo

Having played Imperial Eagles (which is in many ways a Lasalle derivative) I decided to have a go with Lasalle itself as been ages since I tried them.
Am trying a house rules for Attack Columns wherein they cannot shoot (as in Shako) and only one can attack each face of an enemy so no doubling up on a line in melee.
I had forgotten what a slick and comprehensive and playable set of rules these are by Sam Mustafa.
My Liberation War Prussians versus Young Guard for a change :-)

And being on a Napoleonic splurge at present I have ordered these from another of my favourite authors Dave Brown

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Imperial Eagle game

Played a Napoleonic game today trying out Imperial Eagle rules face to face with Stephen.
A very different experience from my solo try with these rules.
I used 1813 Prussians vs his French Young Guard
We found artillery batteries to be simply devastating with the 'bounce through' rules allowing two units (even side by side) to be targeted, this meant the artillery had an almost canister like effect at range being able to literally blow away units in a couple of turns even with average dice results.
The guns were therefore dominant factor in the game to the dearth of any viable tactics
I do not recall this from previous outing with rules (maybe down to terrain ?).
The movement and musketry is fine as is melee (although this can be bloody too) and the morale and recovery stuff is all straightforward and acceptable and very much in fast play mode.
Of course the author being such an ass it is impossible to query anything with the rules but a house rule we came up with is to hit on 5+ at long range and only bounce through on targets actually behind primary target.